Panch Prayag Tour

Panch Prayag Yatra

Uttarakhand Chardham offers you Panch Prayag Yatra. The Ganga is divine river of India Uttarakhand. It originates from Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand and the spaces Devprayag, Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag, Nandprayag and Vishnuprayag are located on confluences of Alaknanda with Rivers Bhagirathi, Mandakini, Pinder, Nandakini and Dholi Ganga in that order. There are plentiful sacred yatras that you can agree to in Uttarakhand. Panch Prayag yatra is one such trip that provides the peace and hold up you may be looking for for your soul, mind and body.

DevPrayag is regarded as the most total showcase of legends, heritage and custom. If on one hand Lord Rama and his father King Dashratha did penance here. On the other, some of the oldest stone inscription in the region can be establish here. The temple of Raghunath, houses a tall picture of Lord Rama complete of black stonework. The Ram Temple is recognized as Raghunath temple. Srinagar, the previous capital of Tehri Garhwal is at a space of 33 km. It is the primary Prayag (flowing together) on way to Badrinath.

Lord Shiva performed his well-known Tandav Nritya and played his Rudra-Veena at this time. With his Raga-Raganees he bound Lord Vishnu to come into view in face of him and with music of his veena, he twisted Lord Vishnu to water. The Kartik Swami Temple is devoted Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya. The place of worship is 38 Km gone from Rudraprayag at Rudraprayag-Pokhri route. The place of worship can be reach after a 3 Km trek from Kanak Chauri town.

At Karanprayag Alaknanda River is adjoining by Pindar River. According to the legend, Karan from the marathon Mahabharata following reparation achieved Kavacha (armour) and Kundala (ear rings) from his minister, Sun god, therefore, the name of Prayag is qualified after his first name. It is the sub-divisional head-quarter of area Chamoli.

21 km from Karnaprayag, on the main way to Badrinath, where the Alaknanda and Mandakani rivers get together, is a purpose which has turn out to be a major tourist stumbling point. Named Nandaprayag, it honors the pious and honest King Nanda, who had perform a 'Yagya' and given aid to the Brahmins to win the love and blessing of God. Lord Vishnu made sure his personification in the appearance Lord Krishna was intuitive to Devki and Vasudev but bring up by Yashodha and Nanda.

12 kilometres from Joshimath, is Vishnuprayag, located on the confluence of Alaknanda and Dhauli Ganga rivers. In legends, this is the place where the wonderful Narad had meditated and received the blessings of aristocrat Vishnu. An octagonal wrought temple built way back in 1889 was recognized near the convergence. Ahalyabhai, maharani of Indore recognized this temple and installed a Shiva Linga in it. The holy place now features a Vishnu picture as well.