Panch Kedar Tour

Panch Kedar Yatra

Here Uttarakhand Chardham offers you Panch Kedar yatra. The Panch Kedar lies in the valleys flanked by the rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda. The phrase Kedar itself earnings a customary rock formation or a glacial moraine. According to legend, Himalayas Kedarnath, the head seat of the Panch Kedar, come into being throughout the stage when the five Pandava brothers were asked to seek Shiva's blessings, removal them off sin of fratricide, or murder their cousin brothers in the frightening fight of Kurukshetra.
Kedarnath Temple is the 1st Panch Kedar Temple and it is a holiest pilgrimage for the Hindus. The holy place, believed to be very ancient, has been continually renovated over the centuries. Kedarnath yatra. The lingam at Kedarnath, unlike its customary form, is pyramidal and is regard as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Located at an altitude of 3,581 mts.
Tungnath Temple is the 2nd Panch Kedar Temple and it is located at a height of 3,886 meters, Tungnath is the uppermost temple in India. Fable has it that the arm of Shiva appear here. Tungnath Yatra. Ravana, of the Ramayana, is said to have perform reparation at this temple to propitiate Shiva.
The features of Lord Shiva is worshipped at Rudranath shrine in a usual rock temple as Neelkantha Mahadeva. Rudranath Yatra. Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Neelkantha. The temple is located amid thick woods at a height 2286 mtr.
Shiva is worshipped at Madmaheshwar in the shape of navel - shaped lingum. Madhyamaheshwar yatra.Situated at base of Chaukhamba peak, at a height of 3,289 mts, the classic temple structural design belongs to the north - Indian style.
The hardier traveler may like to trek concerning 35 km to Kalpeshwar, where the locks and head, of Lord Shiva be worshipped as Jatadhar. The workroom is proceeding by a natural cave passage. Bounded by thick forests and terraced field in the Urgam valley, the shrine is reached next a 10 km. long trek.

Day 01 - Delhi - Haridwar.

Day 2 - Haridwar – Rudraprayag/Guptkashi / Gaurikund.

Day 3 - Guptkashi / Gaurikund - Kedarnath 16 kms trek.

Day 4 - Kedarnath - Gaurikund 16 kms trek.

Day 5 - Guptkashi / Gaurikund - Kalimath - Ransi 14 kms trek.

Day 6 - Ransi - Madmaheshwar 17 kms trek.

Day 7 - Madmaheshwar Rest.

Day 8 - Madmaheshwar - Ransi 17 kms trek.

Day 9 - Ransi - Kalimath 14 kms trek - Chopta over night stay.

Day 10 - Chopta - Tungnath - Chopta 4 kms trek one way.

Day 11 - Chopta - Sagar vai Taxi - further 10 kms trek.

Day 12 - 12 kms trek to Rudranath.

Day 13 - Rudranath - Sagar 22 kms trek - Gopeshwar over night stay.

Day 14 - Gopeshwar - Pipalkoti Rest.

Day 15 - Pipalkoti - helong - Kalpeshwar 12 kms trek.

Day 16 - Kalpeshwar - Helong 12 kms trek - Pipalkoti.

Day 17 - Pipalkoti - Haridwar

Day 18 - Haridwar - Delhi.