Dayara Tour

Dayara Trek

The Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the best-looking treks in Uttarakhand, located at an elevation range from 10,000 – 12,000 ft. The vast field, Dayara Bugyal, is second to none in normal splendor in Uttarakhand. There is an immense option for Nordic as well as Alpine skiing since throughout the winter it provides one of the best ski slopes in India increase over an area of 28 sq/kms. It is not difficult to see why. For hundreds of years shepherd from far have been attractive their flock to graze at Dayara. They have approach back with story of the abundance of grassland and splendor of the powerful Himalayan stack peaks cradling the meadow. They describe the place with such strength that soon utterance about Dayara Bugyal reached explorers. When the explorers got back from their treks to Dayara Bugyal, they came back deeply affected. The meadow were exactly as the shepherd had describe them – but only more good-looking.

The road to Dayara Bugyal twigs off next to Bhatwari a leave on Uttarkashi Gangotri road about 35 kms. From Uttarkashi. Vehicles can go up to the community of Raithal from where one has to trek a space of about 7 kms to reach Dayara and other is via community Barsu , 10kms from Bhatwari from wherever one has to trek concerning 8kms to Dayara Bugyal. The trek starts from the little village of Barsu tucked absent on the Haridwar – Gangothri road 32 kms absent the town of UttarKashi. Barsu houses about 90 homes and has a GMVN overlook the village on one side and the mountain on the other. The GMVN serves as a high-quality base camp for the trek. The rooms are neat and large and the view in face is lovely. Barsu is a small community about 32 kms from Uttarkashi and is on the technique to Gangothri. The drive to Barsu from Uttarkashi is the reserve end to end of with Bhagirathi River. Barsu is the bottom camp for Dayara Bugyal trek, Overnight stay at Barsu in a visitor house. Just call us we arrange your Dayara trek also with guide.